Heidelbiography: Trace Reynolds

Heidelbiography: Trace Reynolds

NAME: Trace Reynolds
HOMETOWN: Middletown, Ohio
YEAR: Junior
MAJOR: Communication and Integrated Media
SPORT: Football

I chose to attend Heidelberg because: of the awesome people that I get to interact with on a daily basis. The coaches, faculty and staff are truly here for the students and it sets Heidelberg University apart from everyone else.

The best part about playing a sport at Heidelberg is: the relationships you create with your teammates and the people around you. Also, the student athlete support at Heidelberg University is incredible and the athletes are truly valued as a person. The game days for all sports are energetic and there is amazing support for every team on campus whether we are home or away.

Heidelberg is unique because: of the endless opportunities that the students are presented with here. Brad Wienhold and I started a student athlete lead group called Athletes Against All Violence (AAAV). This group specifically brings awareness to all acts of violence committed to others and creates drives, fundraisers and events to help educate college students on Heidelberg's campus about these issues. The second reason is the outside resources that students have access to during their time at Heidelberg. I had the opportunity to meet Beverly Gooden who is known nationwide for being a domestic violence activist and she told our organizations founders her story. She also made a generous donation to AAAV and really kick started our early success as a group on campus.

My career goal is: work in college athletics as a quarterback coach. I want to impact lives at the DIII college football level as the coaches at Heidelberg University did for me. It is my dream one day to become the offensive coordinator of a division three university and in a perfect world it would be right here at Heidelberg University.

While at Heidelberg: I have had the opportunity to start my own organization. I have also had the chance to start my own radio station with called T&G Sports where we cover Heidelberg, DI, and professional sports. I am also involved the Student Athletic Advisory Committee or SAAC where I get to participate in community service and help put on the student athlete award show on campus know as The Siggys. Lastly, I have had the privilege to play in the Celebrity School of Opportunity Basketball game for three years where I get to play with the Seneca Arrows and share the floor with awesome athletes.