Heidelbiography: Shane Lee

Heidelbiography: Shane Lee

NAME: Shane Lee
HOMETOWN: Columbus, Ohio
YEAR: Senior
MAJOR: Criminology
SPORT: Basketball

I chose to attend Heidelberg because: of the small campus environment and it felt like a second home to me.

The best part about playing a sport at Heidelberg is: being able to compete at a high level and connect with other athletes on campus.

Heidelberg is unique because: there is always something new to discover.

My career goal is: to travel the world and do something I love each and every day.

While at Heidelberg: I was fortunate enough to be able to study abroad in the beautiful land of Scotland for four weeks. I was able to step outside of my comfort zone by traveling abroad by myself, not knowing anyone on the trip abroad. I knew nothing about the country, which made my trip even more extraordinary. I took the ultimate leap of faith with this decision in my life but it turned out to be the greatest decision of my life. I got to travel to other countries while I was abroad such as Denmark, Sweden, France, England, and Italy. I also got to meet the most interesting people on my trip abroad as well. Studying abroad in Scotland was the best decision of my life and will forever be grateful for in life. So seek discomfort and chase after your dreams, you never know where you will end up or who you will meet along the way.