Heidelbiography: Dylan Woods

Heidelbiography: Dylan Woods

NAME: Dylan Woods
HOMETOWN: Fairfield Township, Ohio
YEAR: Freshman
MAJOR: Criminology
SPORT: Basketball

I chose to attend Heidelberg because: I was given the opportunity to continue my basketball career while getting a degree.

The best part about playing a sport at Heidelberg is: getting the chance to play the game I love, along with making memories and bonds with my teammates that will last for a lifetime.

Heidelberg is unique because: there are a ton of different opportunities you can decide to do with your academic career. You can even get your MBA and stay at Heidelberg for a fifth year.

My career goal is to: become a High Ranking Officer in the United States Air Force.

While at Heidelberg: I participate in the Air Force ROTC program, offered at Bowling Green State University.