Heidelbiography: Spencer Geil

Heidelbiography: Spencer Geil

NAME: Spencer Geil
HOMETOWN: Vermilion, Ohio
YEAR: Junior
MAJOR:Health Science
SPORT: Wrestling

I chose to attend Heidelberg because: of the opportunity to continue my wrestling career and be a part of a great health science program.

The best part about playing a sport at Heidelberg is: my team is more like a family than team.

Heidelberg is unique because: nowhere on earth will you find a creature more vicious than a Heidelberg goose.

My career goal is: be a nurse practitioner in an endocrinology department.

While at Heidelberg: I was pulled away from my courses for a month by the Marine Corps and I was able to have a great opportunity by going to Morocco and help train with foreign militaries and discover a great deal about foreign cultures