Heidelbiography: Anna Chalkley

Heidelbiography: Anna Chalkley

NAME: Anna Chalkley
HOMETOWN: North Ridgeville, Ohio
YEAR: Junior
MAJOR: Accounting and Business Administration
SPORT: Soccer

I chose to attend Heidelberg because: the first time I stepped on campus I felt like I was at home. The campus was gorgeous and the atmosphere was very uplifting. Also, the students and faculty that I met on my visits made me want to attend here even more as they were all very genuine and kind hearted people.

The best part about playing a sport at Heidelberg is: the giant family that you receive on the very first day. All of the Heidelberg athletic teams are very supportive of each other. They all try to attend as many other athletic events as possible, creating an interactive support system around campus in and out of play.

Heidelberg is unique because: of our professors. Our smaller class sizes make it possible for our professors to form personal relationships with every student. They all genuinely care about our futures and about us succeeding.

My career goal is: is still being decided, however, I know I want to be in the accounting/insurance field.

While at Heidelberg: I went on an alternative trip to Biloxi, Mississippi over spring break. While there, I helped rebuild houses that were destroyed in Hurricane Katrina. I also had the opportunity to help in the Micah Day Center, which helps serves the homeless.There was a Food Pantry we could volunteer at where qualifying people can come and pick out certain amounts of free food. I also had the opportunity to volunteer at Loaves and Fishes, which provides free meals for breakfast and lunch for whoever are in need. Talking to those that you were helping and interacting with, was truly a life changing experience.